Melinda Tuan

Managing Director, Fund for Shared Insight  //

Melinda is the director for Fund for Shared Insight (“Shared Insight”). In that capacity, Melinda plays a key role in guiding and facilitating Shared Insight’s activities including operations, communications, grantmaking, and evaluation. Melinda is an independent consultant who works with the senior leadership of philanthropic organizations to develop strategies for effective philanthropy. Prior to starting her consulting practice in 2003, Melinda was managing director of REDF (formerly The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) – a social venture capital fund she co-founded, served as a manager at a national healthcare nonprofit, and worked as a management consultant.


Program Manager, Fund for Shared Insight  //

Michelle is the program manager for the Fund for Shared Insight. In this capacity, she supports a broad range of operational and programmatic activities. Michelle is an independent consultant to nonprofits and foundations specializing in financial analysis, operations and evaluation. Previously, she worked for 10 years as a community development practitioner for the Washington, DC Local Initiatives Support Corporation (DC LISC). During her 10 years at LISC, she provided strategic grants, loans, and resource brokering to community based organizations in Washington, DC. While at LISC she also helped publish the book "Becoming What We Can Be, Stories of Community Development in Washington DC", a 30 year retrospective of community development in the nation's capital.


Project Director, Listen for Good  //
Program Officer, Philanthropy Grantmaking at Hewlett Foundation

Lindsay is the Program Officer for Philanthropy Grantmaking at Hewlett. In that capacity, she leads two grantmaking strategies focused on increasing philanthropic effectiveness: (1) Knowledge Creation and Dissemination, and (2) the Hewlett Foundation’s participation in Fund for Shared Insight. Prior to joining Hewlett in 2013, Lindsay served as executive director of the Silicon Valley Venture Fund (SV2), and ran business development for Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties.

Valerie Threlfell 2017.jpeg


Project Lead, Listen for Good/Fund for Shared Insight  //

Valerie is the project lead for the Listen for Good initiative of Fund for Shared Insight. She is an independent consultant focused on strategy development and performance measurement design for nonprofit organizations. Most recently, Valerie served as founding director of the Center for Effective Philanthropy's (CEP) YouthTruth Project, scaling the project from an idea to a nationally recognized survey and data analysis organization capturing youth perspectives. More than 85 percent of participating educators report using the student feedback gathered through YouthTruth to inform their programmatic and policy decisions. Prior to joining CEP, Valerie was part of the core business team that built a successful start-up biotechnology company, Momenta Pharmaceuticals (publicly traded, $750MM at peak). 

Meredyth Sneed

Project Consultant, Listen for Good/Fund for Shared Insight //

Meredyth is a project consultant for the Listen for Good initiative of Fund for Shared Insight. She is an independent consultant focused on strategy development and performance evaluation for nonprofit organizations. Previously, Meredyth was a management consultant providing strategic planning and data analysis for financial institutions.