The Fund for Shared Insight believes it is important to evaluate our collaborative funding effort, including the work of our grantees and our own efforts. We are also committed to sharing our findings along the way. To this end, Shared Insight has engaged ORS Impact, an evaluation and research consulting firm, to help us with our ongoing learning and measurement.

Our goal, as we learn more from the field and our grantees, is to have funding priorities that reflect what we are learning and align with what is most needed to achieve our mission.


Evaluation Findings and Reports



February 2017
This memo describes how Fund for Shared Insight's work continues to evolve since initial grantmaking in fall 2015 and assesses progress in each of the three focus areas to date: feedback practice, feedback research, and foundation openness. ORS Impact will complete a more comprehensive evaluation to assess progress later in 2017 as a follow-up to the baseline scan. This memo is intended to provide a point-in-time update on how Shared Insight is doing against its theory of change.

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Listen for good: Six-month survey results

February 2017
Our evaluation partner, ORS Impact, discusses findings related to grantee experiences implementing the Listen for Good (L4G) initiative. They also explored whether there were any resulting organizational changes based on grantee experiences engaging in the early phases of the work. ORS Impact will continue to explore grantees’ progress through a 12-month follow up survey that will take place in April 2017.

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Listen for good: evaluation design

January 2017
In January 2016, Fund for Shared Insight launched Listen for Good (L4G), an initiative to support a greater number and diversity of “customer-facing” nonprofits to systematically collect and use feedback from the people they seek to help. Shared Insight asked its evaluation partner, ORS Impact, to design and implement an evaluation of this initiative covering the life of all 46 grants with the final cohort ending July 2018. The following is the L4G evaluation design.



December 2016
In October and November 2016, ORS Impact interviewed representatives from the 13 organizations with ongoing Feedback Practice, Feedback Research, and Openness grants from the Fund for Shared Insight. As in 2015, ORS completed these interviews to capture information about grantee progress, lesson learned, and insights based on grantees' funded work.

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November 2016
In 2016, we asked The Center for Effective Philanthropy to conduct a study to better understand how our grantees are impacted by Fund for Shared Insight as well as their experiences of working with us. The full Grantee Perception Report and a memo of our analysis of the results offer a view into our work and what we plan to adjust in response to the insights. 



September 2016
ORS Impact conducted a second follow up media analysis to see if there were any changes in the level of discourse on feedback loops and openness two years after Shared Insight’s launch. They reviewed relevant blogs, periodicals, and reports to assess changes over the timeframe from July 2015 to June 2016 compared to the previous two years.

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Theory of Change: Progress and Lessons

April 2016
Fund for Shared Insight launched with an initial "theory of change" for how collective funding to support feedback practice, feedback research, and foundation sharing could ultimately improve philanthropy. More than 18 months have passed since the launch of Shared Insight. This memo provides an early assessment of Fund for Shared Insight's progress, based on data to date, and identifies opportunities for refined thinking about the theory of change.

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Grantee Interviews

October 2015
ORS Impact interviewed representatives from the 14 organizations that received grants from the Fund for Shared Insight in 2014. The purpose was to capture insights from our grantees to help inform our work. Nearly one year into their grants, our grantee partners were candid about their experiences, challenges, and progress.

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Media Analysis: A One-Year Follow Up Analysis from Baseline Report

September 2015
ORS Impact conducted a follow up media analysis to see if there was any uptick in discourse on feedback loops and openness one year after Shared Insight’s launch. They reviewed relevant blogs, periodicals, and reports to assess changes over the timeframe from July 2014 to June 2015.

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Feedback Loops and Openness: A Snapshot of the Field Baseline Report

March 2015
ORS Impact conducted a baseline assessment to set a bar against which to measure progress over time, as well as to inform near-term decisions based on a deeper understanding of the field’s current state. They explored the current state of philanthropic and nonprofit practice related to feedback loops, as well as foundation openness practices through key informant interviews, a media analysis, reviews of foundations’ and sector-serving organizations’ websites, and use of existing secondary data sources. This media analysis covers the timeframe from July 2013 to June 2014 – the twelve month period prior to the launch of Fund for Shared Insight.

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