The motivation driving the Fund for Shared Insight’s interest in increasing foundation openness is effectiveness. We believe that if foundations are more open – which we define as how they share about their goals and strategies; share about how they make decisions and measure progress; listen and engage in dialogue with others, act on what they hear, and share what they themselves have learned – they will be more effective.

Toward this end, we fund new or existing efforts to increase foundation openness among staffed foundations in the United States. In 2016-17, we expect to provide up to $2 million in grants to promote foundation openness, although all funds may not be expended under the RFP. These project grants will be a minimum of $100,000, over either one or two years, to support efforts to increase foundation openness in service of effectiveness.

The current window for submitting Foundation Openness grants is closed. See below for a list of awarded grants.


Criteria for Funding Proposals

In an effort to be as clear and complete as possible, we will assess proposals received in response to this request for proposals based on the criteria below.

Threshold Criteria for All Proposals

  • U.S. 501c3
  • Grant from Fund for Shared Insight should be no more than 20% of organization’s annual budget in any one year
  • Organization has sufficient capacity to execute the proposal, and capacity/plans to measure results
  • Previous work influencing foundation practice in the U.S.
  • The funded work will be domestically focused

Additional Considerations for All Proposals

  • Preference for organizations that are at least two years old (ideally not start-up organizations)
  • Project builds upon promising initial results from an existing model/effort to promote openness among foundations OR
  • Project innovates a new and promising approach to promote openness among foundations OR
  • Project involves collaborating with other organizations engaged in influencing foundation practice
  • Project reaches a number of foundations at a reasonable cost



Contact us if you have any questions about Increasing Foundation Openness grants.