We at the Fund for Shared Insight expect to learn a lot with and from our grantees’ efforts over time. We look forward to sharing our learning along the way. Read insights below from our core funders, grantee organizations and experts in the fields of feedback loops and foundation openness. 

Get Promixate: The Potential Power of Feedback Loops
April 27, 2017
Melinda Tuan
The Center for Effective Philanthropy

The Simple Act of Really Listening
April 18, 2017
Nate Mandel
The Center for Effective Philanthropy

Listen up! National RFP on Nonprofit Listening
March 20, 2017
Lindsay Louie
The Packard Foundation Organizational Effectiveness Knowledge Center

New Research and a Welcome Surprise From Foundation CEOs
February 16, 2017
Lindsay Louie

Getting on the Same Page: Defining Perceptual Feedback
February 15, 2017
Valerie Threlfall
The Center for Effective Philanthropy
Read the full paper: Perceptual Feedback: What's it all about? (PDF) 

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A New Year for Openness
January 17, 2017
Melinda Tuan
Center for Effective Philanthropy

If an evaluation was commissioned but never shared, did it really exist?
October 10, 2016
Fay Twersky
Center for Effective Philanthropy

It's Time for Grantmakers to Embrace Failure
September 29, 2016
Katherine Lorenz
National Center for Family Philanthropy

Walking a Different Kind of Grantmaker Walk
August 5, 2016
Trevor Pollack
Barr Foundation

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Five Lessons on Successful Philanthropic Collaborations
April 21, 2016
Chris Kabel, Guest Blogger
Center for Effective Philanthropy

From Best Practice to Common Practice: An Interview with Kathy Reich
June 2015
Kathy Reich
Alliance Magazine

Lessons in Funder Collaboration. What the Packard Foundation has Learned about Working with Other Funders
July 2014
Judy Huang and Willa Seldon
The Bridgespan Group

High Stakes Donor Collaborations
Spring 2013
Willa Sedon, Thomas J. Tierney and Gihani Fernando
Stanford Social Innovation Review