Listen for Good, a collaborative effort among funders, is dedicated to building the practice of listening to the people nonprofits and foundations seek to help. In its first year (2016), the initiative experimented with simple and systematic ways of obtaining feedback from nonprofits that receive foundation funding, as well as helping nonprofits obtain input from the people they directly serve.

In 2016, Listen for Good provided 46 grants of $60,000 each to customer-facing nonprofits that are both based in the U.S. and working domestically; $40,000 of the grant was provided by Fund for Shared Insight while nominating funders provided $20,000.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be offering up to 75 Listen for Good grants in 2017. Visit our Listen for Good Application page for more information about this open RFP. You can also subscribe to our email list and follow us on Twitter @4sharedinsight  to keep up to date.

Round 3 Grants

Round 2 Grants