How Funders Can Get Involved

We invite you to join the growing community of foundations, nonprofits, and other organizations that are using listening and feedback to improve their work and build more meaningful connections to the people and communities they seek to benefit. Whether you want to become part of Fund for Shared Insight or just want to learn more, our site includes a host of resources to help funders gain insights and inroads into the growing feedback field.

Join Us

As a funder collaborative, Fund for Shared Insight is built on the support and engagement of our funding partners, who participate as core funders, sidecar funders, and nominating co-funders for Listen4Good. We also encourage you to share ideas or advice about our efforts to improve philanthropy through listening and learning. Funders interested in getting involved may contact Melinda Tuan, managing director, at

2020 Gathering

Attend the 2020 Fund for Shared Insight Gathering, May 18-20 in Baltimore. We expect more than 600 feedback practitioners, nonprofit leaders, and funders to attend this gathering of Fund for Shared Insight’s feedback grantees and funding partners. Any funder is welcome to attend.

Tools and Resources

Fund for Shared Insight is committed to supporting funders who want to learn more about how listening and feedback can inform foundation strategy and help grantees improve programs. We’ve developed resources to help foundations advance their own learning and support their work with grantees around listening and feedback. These include:

  • A facilitated discussion guide on listening for foundations and grantees
  • Guidelines for designing a conference session featuring foundations, nonprofits, and the people they serve
  • Guidelines for grant applications, final reports, and site visits that include questions about feedback
  • A menu of opportunities for funders to expand their support for listening and feedback

To request copies of these resource materials, email Jeff Tiell, engagement manager, at

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