Our Grantees

Fund for Shared Insight is proud of its many valuable and valued grantees. These nonprofits from across the U.S. that work in a range of issue areas have at least one critical element in common: a drive to improve the work they do.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in organizations that share in our vision of more openness and collaboration between and among funders, grantees, and the people we ultimately seek to help.

Please see the searchable list of our grantees below. We look forward to continuing to learn with and from them in the months and years to come.

Awarded Grants


The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) $292,000 / 2 years (2016-17) $160,000 / 2 years (2015-16)

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP)

For a research project and publication entitled: “Knowledge about What Works: What and How Foundations Know” (2016-17)
For a research project and publication entitled, “Foundation Transparency: Why It Matters and What It Takes” (2015-16)
CEP provides data and insight so philanthropic funders can better define, assess, and improve their effectiveness and, as a result, their intended impact. With this research project, CEP plans to build on its previous work on foundation transparency by investigating how foundations are assessing what’s working and what isn’t (both in their programmatic areas and in their internal operations), how they use that information, and how they decide what to be open about.


Exponent Philanthropy $122,000 / 1 year (2016) $146,000 / 2 years (2015-16)

Exponent Philanthropy

To produce a series of four regional events branded as “Philanthropy Lessons Live: Great Funder-Grantee Relationships” (2016-17)
For production and distribution of videos in which foundations share successes, failures, and lessons learned (2015-16)
Exponent Philanthropy is the country’s largest association of funders—nearly 2,200 members strong—and the only one dedicated to serving foundations with few or no staff, philanthropic families, and individual donors.


First Nations Development Institute $400,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

First Nations Development Institute

For a research initiative to understand perceptions of Indians within the philanthropic community and instigate a productive dialogue on philanthropic investment in Native communities.
First Nations Development Institute is a premier national, Native American-led nonprofit organization with a mission to strengthen American Indian economies to support healthy Native communities. First Nations invests in and creates innovative institutions and models that strengthen asset control and support economic development for American Indian people and their communities.


United Philanthropy Forum $300,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

United Philanthropy Forum

To improve foundation openness through regional initiatives and nationwide learning.
United Philanthropy Forum is a national network that facilitates effective philanthropy to strengthen communities and improve lives throughout the United States. With deep regional roots and a broad nationwide reach, the Forum Network represents more than 5,500 participating organizations, the largest network serving and advancing philanthropy in America.


Foundation Center $301,706 / 2 years (2016-17) $296,000 / 2 years (2015-16)

Foundation Center

To develop resources and tools focused on the greater sharing of evaluations and lessons learned through an IssueLab “evaluation vertical”, GrantCraft guide, and Glasspockets thought leadership.(2016-17)
For the expansion of IssueLab through enhanced technology and increased outreach (2015-16)
Foundation Center is a primary provider of knowledge services for the social sector. Collectively, its Glasspockets, GrantCraft, and IssueLab services offer resources and data to improve practice and to encourage the open sharing of lessons learned.  With a new searchable section of IssueLab’s website dedicated to collecting and sharing evaluations as the project’s home base, Glasspockets and GrantCraft will offer related thought leadership through various forms including a guide, blog series, case studies, and dedicated sections of the respective websites. The grant will leverage past technology and audience growth efforts by also supporting a communications campaign elevating and amplifying this work.


FSG $271,000 / 2 years (2016-17)


To work with a subset of funders involved with the Collective Impact Forum as a “learning lab” for improving foundation openness and disseminate those learnings.
FSG is a mission-driven consulting firm for leaders in search of large-scale, lasting social change. Through a combination of customized services, powerful ideas, and learning communities like the Collective Impact Forum, FSG helps foundations, businesses, nonprofits, and governments around the world accelerate progress. The Collective Impact Forum is a field-building initiative of FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions.


Grantmakers for Effective Organizations $165,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

To experiment with two approaches to address grantee inclusion/foundation openness: 1) the Change Incubator, and 2) public workshops.
GEO is a diverse community of more than 550 grantmakers working to reshape the way philanthropy operates. Understanding that grantmakers are successful only to the extent that their grantees achieve meaningful results, GEO promotes strategies and practices that contribute to grantee success.


Guidestar $90,000 / 2 years (2016-17)


To prototype a mechanism for sharing beneficiary feedback between funders and nonprofits.
GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.


National Center for Family Philanthropy $304,980 / 2 years (2016-17)

National Center for Family Philanthropy

To influence 500 family foundations on how to be more open and transparent in order to improve their grantmaking effectiveness through targeted communications, conference sessions and meetings, webinars, and a Transparency Assessment and Planning (TAP) Tool.
The National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) is the only national nonprofit dedicated exclusively to families who give and those who work with them. NCFP provides resources, expertise and support families need to transform their values into effective giving that makes a lasting impact on the communities they serve.


Women’s Funding Network $350,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Women’s Funding Network

To conduct a holistic analysis of the openness, accountability, and transparency practices of 90 women’s foundations and share the learnings across the network and with the greater philanthropic community.
With close to 100 women’s foundations and gender equity funders engaged, Women’s Funding Network is the largest philanthropic network in the world devoted to women and girls, investing over $400 million annually to advance gender equity.


Creative Commons $125,000 / 1 year (2015)

Creative Commons

For the creation of resources and tools to help foundations adopt open licensing policies
Creative Commons offers a set of free, flexible, easy-to-use copyright licenses that allows authors to share their creative works on more open terms, explicitly permitting others to freely distribute, use and build upon that work. With this grant, Creative Commons will create resources and tools to help foundations adopt open licensing policies so that more of the materials produced by grantees with grant funds can be openly shared.


GiveWell $100,000 / 1 year (2015)


For the Open Philanthropy Project
GiveWell provides rigorous analysis of nonprofit performance summarized in “top charity” recommendations on their website that influenced $17 million in giving by individual donors and foundations in 2013. The Open Philanthropy Project is a new initiative by GiveWell and the Good Ventures foundation that seeks to promote effective giving and open sharing by funders about their decisions, processes, lessons learned and failures.


Anixter Center $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Anixter Center

Nominated by The Chicago Community Trust
The Anixter Center provides an array of services and supports to people with developmental disabilities and related challenges so they can live, learn, work and play in the community.


A Step Ahead Foundation $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

A Step Ahead Foundation

Nominated by The Plough Foundation
A Step Ahead aims to provide access to long acting, reversible contraception (“LARC”) to women in Shelby County, TN. They focus on LARCs because they are the most effective methods of birth control though only 7.2% of women in the US currently use them.


artworxLA $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story


Nominated by Weingart Foundation
ArtworxLA seeks to combat the high school drop-out crisis with a long-term, sequential arts program that inspires youth in alternative high schools to stay in school, evolve as unique individuals and flourish as creative adults.


Blue Engine $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story

Blue Engine

Nominated by Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
Blue Engine seeks to increase college-readiness among students most at-risk of never attaining postsecondary degrees by working closely with district high schools to test innovative uses of human capital and reimagine what classrooms should look like.


Blue Ribbon Commission $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Blue Ribbon Commission

Nominated by United Way of the Cape Fear Area
The Blue Ribbon Commission was created by a commission that included the Mayor, DA, superintendent of schools and others in response to rising crime rates in the area.


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula

Nominated by David & Lucile Packard Foundation
BGCP aims to provide low-income youth in their local community (East Palo Alto and Eastern Menlo Park, in Silicon Valley) with the opportunities they need to graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and/or career.


Greater Boston Legal Services $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Greater Boston Legal Services

Nominated by The Boston Foundation
GBLS represents low-income individuals and families in Boston and 31 additional cities and towns in the Greater Boston area, assisting individual clients to secure some of the most basic necessities of life as well as addressing systemic problems that adversely impact their lives.


Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

Nominated by Sand Hill Foundation
HHGSF aims to provide Bay Area families with a springboard to secure a stable future through affordable home ownership, financial literacy and neighborhood revitalization.


Homeport $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)


Nominated by Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
Homeport aims to create healthy, stable homes for low-income residents of Central Ohio through the provision of high quality, affordable rental homes.


Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago

Nominated by The Private Bank
NHS aims to create opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their neighborhoods.


New Door Ventures $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story

New Door Ventures

Nominated by Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
New Door prepares disconnected youth ages 16-24 in San Francisco for success in work and life through paid jobs, intensive case management, skill-building workshops and education support.


Nurse Family Partnership $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story

Nurse Family Partnership

Nominated by Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
NFP is an evidence-based community health program that serves low-income women pregnant with their first child.


Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Nominated by Inasmuch Foundation
The Food Bank seeks to operate programs that meet a substantial increase in the demand for food, a decrease in corporate donations, and an increased understanding of our country’s diet-related public health crisis.


Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story

Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties

Nominated by David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Second Harvest is a primary source of food for individuals in the Silicon Valley region with limited incomes and few resources to access healthy food. They serve over 240,000 people every month and distribute over 1,000,000 pounds of food each week.


Shelby Residential and Vocational Services $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story

Shelby Residential and Vocational Services

Nominated by The Plough Foundation
SRVS seeks to enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and believes that all people, regardless of ability, have the right to live, work and play in their own communities as fully integrated members of society.


Talent Development Secondary $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Talent Development Secondary

Nominated by Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
TDS is a curriculum development program based out of the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. TDS aims to build capacity in the highest need schools that contribute the largest number of students to our nation’s dropout crisis.


The Village for Families & Children $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story

The Village for Families & Children

Nominated by Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Based in Hartford, CT, The Village is regional multi-service mental health organization. Founded over 200 years ago, the Village provides services to over 8,000 people annually including behavioral health, early childhood and youth development and family support services.


Union Capital Boston $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Union Capital Boston

Nominated by The Boston Foundation
UCB connects low-income community members in Boston with resources and organizations by marrying traditional community organizing with modern technology.


United Way of Buffalo & Erie County $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

United Way of Buffalo & Erie County

Nominated by Health Foundation for Western and Central New York
Among its many roles in the community, this United Way focuses on improving community conditions in education, financial stability and health and wellness.


Our House Shelter $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story

Our House Shelter

Nominated by W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Our House empowers homeless and near-homeless families and individuals to succeed in the workforce, in school, and in life through hard work, wise decision-making, and active participation in the community.


Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science

Nominated by Rita Allen Foundation
Public Lab is a community and non-profit developing and applying open-source tools to address environmental issues that affect people.


PACE Center for Girls $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

See their grant story

PACE Center for Girls

Nominated by Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
PACE provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.


TeenForce $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)


Nominated by Innovate Foundation
TeenForce is a social enterprise helping youth gain the skills, habits and work experience to fulfill their potential.


United Teen Equality Center (UTEC) $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

United Teen Equality Center (UTEC)

Nominated by Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
UTEC ignites and nurtures the ambition of Lowell’s most disconnected young people to trade violence and poverty for social and economic success.


El Buen Samaritano $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

El Buen Samaritano

Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
El Buen Samaritano is an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas committed to helping Latino and other families in Central Texas lead healthy, productive and secure lives through high-quality and affordable healthcare, education and financial security services.


East End Neighborhood House $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

East End Neighborhood House

Nominated by Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio
East End Neighborhood House in Cleveland, Ohio compassionately provides culturally-competent integrated social services, leadership development and healthy activities that nurture our community’s individuals and families—children through seniors—to become self-sufficient and ultimately thrive.


Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS) $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHOS)

Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
ECHOS improves the quality of life of the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals in our community by eliminating the disparities in access to healthcare, education and job training.


Family Service Center of Galveston County $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Family Service Center of Galveston County

Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
Promoting the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and families through counseling, education, and prevention.


Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan

Nominated by United Way for Southeastern Michigan
Feeding hungry people and nourishing our communities, Gleaners collects 34.5 million pounds of food a year and distributes 79,000 meals each day.


Malama Pono Health Services $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Malama Pono Health Services

Nominated by Hawai’i Community Foundation
Malama Pono provides individualized compassionate health care services and education to meet the evolving needs of those on Kauai.


Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM) $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM)

Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
MAM assures that families have the means to meet their basic needs.


Oregon Museum of Science and Industry $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Nominated by Oregon Community Foundation
OMSI inspires curiosity through engaging science learning experiences, fosters experimentation and the exchange of ideas, and stimulates informed action.


Arts for LA $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Arts for LA

Nominated by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Arts for LA is a voice for the arts in Greater Los Angeles that informs, engages, and mobilizes individuals and organizations to advocate for access to the arts across all communities; arts education for every student; robust investment in the arts; and inclusion of diverse and underrepresented voices.


Child Advocates of Fort Bend $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Child Advocates of Fort Bend

Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
Child Advocates of Fort Bend provides a voice, heals the hurt, and breaks the cycle of abuse for children in Fort Bend County Texas.


Good World Solutions $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Good World Solutions

Nominated by Cisco Systems
Good World Solutions is a social enterprise that uses technology to improve workers’ lives.


In Our Backyards $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

In Our Backyards

Nominated by The JPB Foundation
In Our Backyards mobilizes neighbors who have good ideas to become powerful citizen leaders who plan, fund and make positive change in their own neighborhoods.


International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology

Nominated by Individual Donor
ICAST (TM) develops and implements market-based solutions for issues that plague underserved communities.


Lone Star Circle of Care $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Lone Star Circle of Care

Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
Lone Star Circle of Care Federally Qualified Health Center that provides comprehensive primary care and integrated behavioral health services, regardless of ability to pay, for residents of Central Texas.


Phoenix Center Texas $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Phoenix Center Texas

Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
The Phoenix Center is committed to meeting the need for high-quality, affordable mental health care for children and families in need.


ProUnitas $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)


Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
ProUnitas seeks to facilitate the effective entry, coordination and implementation of Houston’s existing educational, health and social services for underserved communities.


Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

Nominated by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project promotes the creation, exhibition and distribution of new films/videos that address the vital social justice issues that concern queer women of color and our communities, authentically reflect our life stories, and build community through art and activism.


ReMerge Oklahoma $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

ReMerge Oklahoma

Nominated by Inasmuch Foundation
ReMerge is a comprehensive female diversion program designed to transform pregnant women and mothers facing incarceration into productive citizens.


Samaritan Center $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Samaritan Center

Nominated by Episcopal Health Foundation
Samaritan Center works to improve the mental, physical, and spiritual health of children and families in Central Texas.


Springboard to Opportunities $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Springboard to Opportunities

Nominated by Wishcamper Family Fund
Springboard To Opportunities connects families living in affordable housing with resources and programs that help them advance themselves in school, work and life.


On the Move $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

On the Move

Nominated by The Whitman Institute
On the Move develops and sustains young leaders by building exceptional programs that challenge inequities in their communities.


Genesys Works – Bay Area $60,000 / 2 years (2016-17)

Genesys Works – Bay Area

Nominated by GreenLight Fund Bay Area
Genesys Works of the Bay Area enables economically-disadvantaged high school students to enter and thrive in the economic mainstream by providing them the knowledge and work experience required to succeed as professionals.