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Just Listening

Come along on Fund for Shared Insight’s equity, diversity, and inclusion journey, where funders are having the hard but essential conversations about what listening and feedback can mean for racial equity, power-sharing, and outcomes for the people and communities at the heart of philanthropy’s work.

Feedback Case Studies

Hear directly from funders, nonprofit leaders, and clients about the power of feedback to drive change and lead to more equitable outcomes at organizations around the country.

Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank
Pace Center for Girls
Genesys Works
Students Rising Above
Our House

Perspectives from People Who Gave Feedback, a Series

Listen to these voices and get quick and meaningful insight into what it means when nonprofits and funders implement high-quality feedback loops with the people they seek to serve.

Part 1

Why Does Listening Matter?

Let’s listen to nonprofit clients who have had the opportunity to share their opinions talk about the importance of giving feedback.
Courtney says: “We know what works and what doesn’t.”

Part 2

How Does It Feel When Organizations Listen?

This video features clients talking about how it feels when organizations listen to their opinions and perspectives. “It’s just like your voice is actually getting heard, that you matter more,” says Katie, a student in a Florida school program.


Part 3

How Does It Feel When Feedback Creates Change?

Here, we hear clients talking about how it feels when organizations act on their feedback.


Closing the Loop, a Series

See how closing the loop, a critical step in the high-quality feedback process, is a difference-maker that’s productive, easy, and about treating people with respect.

Part 1

What is Closing the Loop?

This video short tells us what it means when organizations share back with clients what they heard and what they are going to do about it.

Part 2

Ways to Close the Loop

This video short shares practical tips on how organizations can share back with clients what they heard and how they are responding.

Part 3

What Does the Future Look Like?

This video short offers a window into the promise of feedback for funders, nonprofits, and the people with experience they seek to serve.

Part 4

Equity and Respect

This video short describes how when funders and nonprofits listen to the people they serve and act on what they hear, they are advancing principles of equity and inclusion.

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