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How Funders Can Participate in Listen for Good

In order to engage more funders in supporting beneficiary feedback efforts and using client feedback data to inform their work, L4G is structured as a co-funding opportunity. Funders can nominate existing grantee(s) and commit to contributing $15,000 of the $30,000 grant total for each nonprofit selected. Funders may nominate as many grantees as they wish, but we encourage funders to prioritize organizations that want to collect feedback from the people they seek to help whose voices are least heard. It is critical to success that applicants want to participate and have the capacity to do so, in addition to having your nomination and co-funding support.

There is no application process for funders to nominate grantees. All a funder needs to do is inform a grantee(s) that the funder is interested in nominating and co-funding the grantee(s) for Listen for Good; encourage the grantee(s) to apply; and email Lindsay Louie, Project Director, Listen for Good, at, to confirm the nomination.

Fund for Shared Insight is accepting applications from nonprofits for our newest L4G grant round now through June 29, 2018. Please look on this page for a grant-round timeline and links to more information.

L4G Grants Timeline

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