What is Listen4Good?

Listen4Good is a Fund for Shared Insight initiative that delivers tailored solutions for direct-service nonprofits and government agencies committed to using feedback to bring about positive changes in the ways they make decisions, deliver services, and partner with clients.
Listen4Good’s programs offer simple, yet systematic ways to build high-quality survey-based feedback loops with clients. Each Listen4Good program is specially designed to help nonprofits listen and respond to the people most impacted by their work, and is grounded in the principles and practices of equity and inclusion.

Listen4Good Programs in 2021: An Invitation to Nonprofits and Funders

Since 2016, hundreds of organizations have used Listen4Good’s proven five-step survey methodology to listen and respond to the opinions and preferences of more than 150,000 nonprofit clients across the country. Now, building on the experiences, research, and learnings from the last four years, we have created two exciting new Listen4Good programs to help even more organizations develop and improve their capacity to listen.

Listen4Good Online+ and Listen4Good Premium each provide extensive online guidance, expert coaching, and a rich array of additional resources to support organizations as they build high-quality, client-focused feedback loops. We invite you to participate in the Listen4Good program that is right for you. We also invite funders to become co-learners in Listen4Good, sponsoring their grantees’ participation individually or as a portfolio.

What Do Nonprofits Do as Part of Listen4Good?

Participating organizations work with L4G’s coaching team and specially curated tools and resources to move through a proven five-step process for building high-quality feedback loops. (Learn what a high-quality feedback loop is here.) To start, organizations design client surveys that include the following core L4G questions:

  1. How likely is it that you would recommend […] to a friend or family member?
  2. What is […] good at?
  3. What could […] do better?
  4. Overall, how well has […] met your needs?
  5. How often do staff at […] treat you with respect?

L4G surveys can be further customized with additional questions, and administered in a variety of modes and languages. Collected responses automatically integrate into the L4G interactive web app, built on the SurveyMonkey platform, giving organizations access to proprietary benchmarks and a valuable set of tools to analyze results.

Participants work with specially trained L4G coaches and also become part of L4G Community, a thriving online platform where like-minded nonprofits connect and learn from each others’ feedback experiences.

Listen4Good New Programs in 2021

More on How Nonprofits Can Participate in Listen4Good.

How Do Nonprofits Benefit from Listen4Good?

Listen4Good participants build the capacity to listen and respond to their clients, leading to positive changes in the way they make decisions, deliver services, and advance equity.

Studies show that L4G-participating organizations

  • use L4G survey data to make specific improvements to programs, services, operations, and client-staff interactions;
  • build enduring institutional capacity that allows them to maintain strong feedback systems even after Listen4Good;
  • gain a peer learning community and deeper ties with funders; and
  • develop a culture of openness and listening, which catalyzes their broader equity, diversity, and inclusion journeys.

For more details about Listen4Good’s outcomes and impact, see these multiyear studies of nonprofits, funders, and clients by ORS Impact, Fund for Shared Insight’s learning and evaluation partner.

Funders & Listen4Good

Find out how to have your grantees participate in Listen4Good.

Hear directly from funders, nonprofit leaders, and clients about the power of feedback.

They taught us how to solicit feedback. They taught us what to look for in feedback. They taught us how to analyze the data. They brought us together with big groups and taught us more about feedback loops. You know they really just sprinkled the change, the seeds of change within the organization.

Cathy Moore

Executive Director, ECHOS

What Does Listen4Good Look Like at Nonprofits Around the Country?

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