What is Listen4Good?

Listen4Good is a Fund for Shared Insight initiative designed to help nonprofits build sustainable, high-quality, client-focused feedback loops that lead to meaningful change. Our goal is to provide widespread access to tools and resources that help organizations systematically listen to and respond to the people they seek to help, especially those whose voices are least heard. Working with funders and nonprofits, L4G is building key infrastructure for feedback in the social sector and creating a community of organizations committed to using feedback and constituent input to bring about positive changes in the way they make decisions, deliver services, and partner with clients.

Since 2016, Listen4Good has supported more than 450 customer-facing nonprofits — across issue areas, communities, and budget sizes — as they seek to make meaningful improvements to programs and services based on their clients’ needs and preferences. L4G’s survey methodology offers a simple, yet systematic and rigorous way to listen to, elevate, and respond to the people who organizations and the social sector collectively seek to help.

Our long-term goal is to make Listen4Good available to any direct service organization around the country interested in implementing high-quality, client-focused feedback loops using our array of specially designed tools and supports. For 2020, we are now offering two ways for funders and organizations to participate in Listen4Good in 2020:

Our Listen4Good programs are currently in progress. Please check back for information on new Listen4Good opportunities planned for 2021.

1. Listen4Good Online+

Organizations guide themselves through Listen4Good with access to an interactive web app, webinar series, limited coaching, and other supports. To participate in 2020, organizations or a sponsoring funder pay a subsidized fee of $1,000 each. We especially encourage funders that signed the Council on Foundations’ COVID-19 philanthropy pledge to nominate and sponsor their grantees.

Listen4Good Online+ information


2. Listen4Good Co-Funded Grant Program

Organizations nominated by a funder receive an 18-month, $30,000 capacity-building grant, unlimited access to a dedicated coach, facilitated funder interaction, and access to an interactive web app and other supports.

Information for funders

Information for organizations

Compare Our Two Programs

 L4G Online+L4G Co-Funded Grant Program
Deadline to applyAugust 19, 2020July 17, 2020
Key consideration for organizationCommitment and capacity to work independently with mostly online supportsCommitment and capacity to work with a nominating funder and L4G coach
Application processMust complete a brief applicationMust complete an application with a follow-up interview and awards made on competitive basis
GrantNone$30,000 capacity-building grant
One-on-one L4G CoachingLimited (~3 hours)Unlimited with dedicated coach

What Do Nonprofits Do as Part of Listen4Good?

Participating organizations use a specially curated set of resources to move through L4G‘s proven five-step process for building high-quality feedback loops. (Learn what a high-quality feedback loop is here.) Working on L4G’s interactive web app (and with a variety of supports depending on the L4G program), organizations access tools and create surveys that include the following core L4G questions:

  1. How likely is it that you would recommend […] to a friend or family member?
  2. What is […] good at?
  3. What could […] do better?
  4. Overall, how well has […] met your needs?
  5. How often do staff at […] treat you with respect?

L4G surveys can be further customized with additional questions, and can be administered in a variety of modes (e.g., by mobile phone, computer, or paper) and in multiple languages. Collected responses automatically integrate into the L4G interactive web app, which is built on the SurveyMonkey platform, giving organizations a valuable set of tools with which to analyze their results.

The L4G web app also offers a rich array of content and supports — including step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and peer examples — across all the elements of a high-quality feedback loop. And participants have access to a new peer learning opportunity, L4G Community, a thriving online platform where they can connect with like-minded nonprofits and learn from others’ feedback experiences.

The way we heard from patients was unorganized and lacked actionable data. . . . Decisions made for the patients were based off of staff feedback rather than patient feedback. Because of this, there was no intention to follow through with the patient and close the feedback loop; it was merely a linear process. That has been the greatest opportunity given to us through Listen4Good: implementing a perpetual feedback loop that begins and ends with the patient.

Karin Pimentel

Quality Improvement, Compliance & Risk Manager, Marin City Health & Wellness Center

How Do Nonprofits Benefit from Participating in Listen4Good?

Listen4Good gives direct-service organizations that care about client voice an easy-to-navigate roadmap, suite of tools, and the expert supports needed to build thoughtful and useful survey systems for repeated use with clients. Studies show that L4G-participating organizations

  • use L4G survey data to make specific improvements to programs, services, operations, and client-staff interactions;
  • build enduring institutional capacity that allows them to maintain strong feedback systems even after Listen4Good;
  • gain a peer learning community and deeper ties with funders; and
  • often develop a culture of openness and listening, which advances efforts around equity, diversity, and inclusion.

For more details about Listen4Good’s impact and outcomes, see these multiyear studies of nonprofits, funders, and clients by ORS Impact, Fund for Shared Insight’s learning and evaluation partner.

They taught us how to solicit feedback. They taught us what to look for in feedback. They taught us how to analyze the data. They brought us together with big groups and taught us more about feedback loops. You know they really just sprinkled the change, the seeds of change within the organization.

Cathy Moore

Executive Director, ECHOS

What Does Listen4Good Look Like at Nonprofits Around the Country?

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