How to Participate in Listen4Good

Listen4Good offers two powerful, affordable, and responsive ways to participate, making direct client feedback a key part of your organization’s practices and culture. Both purpose-built programs feature the best of what we’ve learned from our more than four years of work and partnership with nonprofits, funders, and clients around the country.

Listen4Good’s 2021 programs support direct-service organizations and government agencies as they build and sustain high-quality, client-focused feedback loops.

Whether your organization is seeking a guided experience from a feedback coach or a self-guided web experience with targeted coaching support, Listen4Good can help you make direct client feedback an integrated part of your culture as you strive to have the greatest possible positive impact on the lives of your clients.

We welcome you to:

  • Sign up to participate in Listen4Good Online + or Listen4Good Premium. The next registration deadline is July 15, 2021.
  • Join one of our upcoming Listen4Good informational webinars that include plenty of time for Q & A. (Event schedule below.)

Listen4Good Online+

Listen4Good Online+ offers a self-directed experience with targeted coaching support for organizations moving through our proven five-step feedback loop system.

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July 15, 2021

Listen4Good Premium

Listen4Good Premium offers a more fully supported experience with assistance from a dedicated coach for organizations moving through our proven five-step feedback loop system.

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July 15, 2021

Funders & Listen4Good

Listen4Good offers funders the opportunity to be sponsors, co-learners, and critical catalysts in supporting feedback efforts across the sector, while also enhancing their own listening practices.

Find out how to have your grantees participate in Listen4Good.

Feedback content and toolsComplete access to L4G self-directed web app, L4G Community online social network, and all L4G supporting contentComplete access to L4G self-directed web app, L4G Community online social network, and all L4G supporting content
SurveyMonkey18 months of Premier account access18 months of Premier account access
1:1 coaching supportAssistance from a pool of feedback coaches at critical junctures in the feedback journey (totaling approximately 3 hours)One-on-one assistance from a dedicated coach throughout the process
Additional learning resourcesAccess to ongoing series of educational webinars to hone feedback skills Access to ongoing series of educational webinars to hone feedback skills
Cost$1,000 (whether paid by the nonprofit or a sponsoring funder)$6,000 (whether paid by the nonprofit or a sponsoring funder)
Learning cohort n/aOption to participate in a learning cohort if desired by sponsoring funder
DeadlineFebruary 24, 2021March 3, 2021

Is your organization eligible for L4G Programs?

  • Listen4Good is targeted to client-facing direct-service organizations that are either 501(c)(3) nonprofits or government agencies based in the United States (including all territories, states, and the District of Columbia) and serving clients in the U.S.
  • The L4G question set is intended to capture feedback from individual clients or community members who participate in programs as part of their daily lives. L4G is also not intended for gathering feedback from organizational partners, paid staff, or volunteers that you might depend on for implementation of your ultimate mission. While these are important constituencies, they are not the primary focus of L4G; L4G has secondary surveys for these audiences. 
  • For programs that rely on intermediaries or other organizational partners to implement their work, the L4G question set works best when clients can identify the organization or programmatic offering by name, in addition to knowing the intermediary organization.
  • Though you will have the opportunity to customize your survey in many ways, all organizations must use the core Listen4Good survey as the basis for their feedback effort. If our core survey questions don’t seem to fit your organization’s needs, then Listen4Good may not be the right tool for you.  

Listen4Good works best when organizations: 

  • Have the capacity to focus on feedback. This includes having some minimum threshold of internal infrastructure (we often use a $300,000 annual budget as a proxy) and some full-time staff.  
  • Serve at least 100 clients annually and can survey at least 50 clients at a time. With this number of clients, you are able to build sufficient survey samples and disaggregate results to identify patterns. If you serve fewer clients than this, you may not need our survey tool.  
  • Are able to integrate Listen4Good into some existing work — whether that be a specific effort to gather feedback on programs, part of your measurement strategy, or part of a broader effort to advance equity and inclusion. 
  • Are able to dedicate at least one-third of someone’s job for a period of a few months as a project manager for this work. Having a senior staff member championing the work is also helpful. 
  • Use our five core survey questions (plus customize additional questions as desired). Having all participants use L4G’s core questions allows us to produce benchmarks that you can use to interpret your results.


Listen4Good Informational Webinars

Join us to find out more about Listen4Good Online+ and Listen4Good Premium, our two exciting new powerful and affordable client-focused feedback programs — and how you can participate in 2021.

Nonprofits will learn about the importance of high-quality feedback loops and have an opportunity to determine which Listen4Good program is right for you. Funders are invited to learn about opportunities to sponsor grantees’ participation in Listen4Good.

These free, one-hour sessions will include plenty of time for Q & A. Jumpstart your feedback practices! Sign up today!

9 am  PT / 12 pm ET

10 am  PT / 1 pm ET

9 am  PT / 12 pm ET

12 pm  PT / 3 pm ET

9 am  PT / 12 pm ET

12 pm  PT / 3 pm ET

Listen4Good Overview
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Funders & Listen4Good

We invite funders to support their grantees’ feedback efforts and use feedback data to inform their own grantmaking work. Funders interesting in partnering with us in Listen4Good can:

  • Underwrite the cost of L4G Online+ or L4G Premium for participating grantees 
  • Sponsor a cohort of grantees to participate in an L4G Premium learning community. L4G can facilitate a learning community (virtual or in-person) across your portfolio of participating organizations and provide customized portfolio-level insights.
  • Make grants directly to participating organizations to help pay for the time required to implement high-quality feedback loops.

To discuss these opportunities and more, please contact Valerie Threlfall, managing director, Listen4Good

Informational Webinar for Funders

See recording of a past event


1. How does L4G define clients or the people organizations seek to help?

Clients from whom feedback will be collected should be the individuals who are receiving services from implementing organizations. Our goal through L4G is to bring forward voices that are least heard by funders and nonprofits in order to improve philanthropy, nonprofit programs and practice, and, ultimately, people’s lives and communities. Clients to be surveyed might be families visiting food pantries, youth attending afterschool programs, residents of public housing, recent immigrants using legal-aid services, or people participating in job-training programs.

2. Can I use L4G to survey stakeholders besides clients?

We believe that volunteers, implementation partners, and staff are critical constituencies for operating successful programs and implementing your mission. While these populations cannot be the core constituency you survey through L4G (because our survey just isn’t designed for them and the questions may thus feel less relevant), we have developed some supplementary tools for surveying these stakeholders that you can use after you have built a feedback loop with clients. So we recommend that you start your feedback work with clients and then move onto these other constituencies using our supplementary tools. 

3. Who pays for L4G?

Fund for Shared Insight is subsidizing the cost of the program for all participants in 2020 and 2021. Participating organizations or their sponsoring funders will pay only $1,000 to participate in Listen4Good Online+ or $6,000 to participate in Listen4Good Premium. All payers will be invoiced by Fund for Shared Insight.

4. What do you mean by “voices least heard”?

The phrase voices least heard has dual meaning for Listen4Good and Fund for Shared Insight. First, it refers to the people that nonprofits and foundations ultimately seek to benefit, who often have less of a voice in determining how programs are designed, implemented, or executed. Second, voices least heard refers to people who are the least heard in our broader society due to historic inequity and enduring structural barriers. While nonprofits and foundations should listen to all participants, L4G prioritizes elevating the voices of historically marginalized groups. This definition includes people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, people living in poverty, and, depending on the context, others, such as people in rural communities, where structural conditions have isolated or excluded their voice. We understand that these definitions are complex and evolving, and our thinking continues to evolve in service to our overarching goal of better listening as a vehicle to positive and just social change.


5. How do I know which program, L4G Online+ or L4G Premium, is right for me?

Many aspects of the programs are identical — including the web app, access to online supporting content and survey tools, and group learning opportunities. The key differentiator is that with L4G Premium, you are matched with a dedicated coach who guides you through the entire program. L4G Online+ participants receive much more limited coaching. Consider a number of factors to determine which program is right for you: 

  1. Do you have the capacity to self-direct through this program? With L4G Online+, you will receive prompts and many communications from us, but reaching out for 1:1 assistance throughout the process is on you. We are here; but you have to make that call. With L4G Premium, your dedicated coach will be moving you through the process.
  2. Do you already have strong technical skills related to data collection and analysis? If so, L4G Online+ would probably be sufficient and offer a great way to learn more about strategies for using feedback as a unique source of insight, If your data collection and analysis skills could use help, L4G Premium might be what you need.  
  3. Do you anticipate having lots of ongoing questions and know that you work better with someone else holding you accountable externally? If so, L4G Premium may be your best fit.    
  4. Look at the cost of each program. Do you expect to pay the fees yourself or do you have a funder that might work with you and cover the cost?
  5. If you are a funder seeking to sponsor a portfolio and you are hoping for some aggregated insights beyond each individual organizations’ experience, L4G Premium is designed to provide this level of tailored assistance. 
6. How long are the Listen4Good surveys? How are they administered?

The surveys you create through L4G are designed to be relatively short surveys that are between 15-20 questions, including the five core questions, questions about demographics, and additional custom questions you might choose to add. You can administer a L4G survey using multiple methods that work best for you — by computer, electronic delivery, on paper, or through interviews. We have designed our processes to be flexible and tailored to individual organizations’ needs. You can administer L4G in up to 56 languages, including three — Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin Chinese — for which we have pre-translated starter templates. For all other languages, you would have to provide the translated text.

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