What is Fund for Shared Insight?

Fund for Shared Insight is a national funder collaborative working to improve philanthropy, informed by insights from the people and communities at the heart of our work. Shared Insight emerged from the belief that funders and the organizations they support can be more effective and do more good in the world if we are open to systematically listening to, and acting on, high-quality client feedback.

Our investments have included grantmaking in three areas: foundation openness, supporting information-sharing efforts among funders; feedback practice, supporting initiatives to develop and improve feedback loops; and research examining the link between client feedback and client outcomes.

 As Shared Insight continues to learn and evolve, much of our focus has been on our signature initiative, Listen4Good, designed to help nonprofits build sustainable, high-quality, client-focused feedback loops that lead to positive and lasting change in the way organizations deliver services, make decisions, and relate to clients. Our work is centered on the goal of elevating the voices of those least heard and informed by an active commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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